"Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.” ~Marcus Aurelius

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I moved!!

Please visit me at my new home!!
See you there!!

Monday, January 7, 2008

It's Back To School

I am seriously confused on whether I should be glad that the kids are back in school again of to be disappointed because I have to get up early in the morning again.My alarm went off and I felt like I fell from the top of a very tall building and went in turbo speed going down..lols....

Oh well..we're back to normal routine...at least this morning I didn't have to turn the house upside down just searching for the comb ( I bought 4 of them , one for each room )

Myspace Comments - Monday Already

The weather has been just awful this past days.Just rain and freezing cold. It start to get dark at 4pm and by 6pm you feel like you didn't get enough done for the day and its already time for bed. I wanted to take pictures out door but we could go out so I just made my son as my model again . I couldn't trick my older daughter any more even if I promise her treats if she pose for mommy. Inside our small apartment I practice with my new digi cam and even discovered some tricks with photoshop all by myself.

Photosharing Time!!!

Nature Tripping

The rain stopped for a while so I managed to take snap shots of the views outside of our patio.

A Really Old Tree

Birds On The Tree ~ A VerY Alfred Hitchcock Kind Of Scene..Creepy?

Great Grandpa Called And He Wants His Car Back

Nice Job Stacking Logs

A Lonesome Nut

Okay...that's all for now..

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

First Post For 2008

I , actually , have nothing substantial topic to write but just for the sake of the New Year I thought it would be nice to have an entry for the first month of the year and also kinda like bringing good vibe to my blog .

Jan 31....midnight pacific time...I heard 4 maybe 5 pops of fire works from our neighbors.What a pathetic attempt to welcome 2008. Grant stared at my face for a couple of minutes. Perhaps he's waiting to see if I'll burst into tears and storm into the bathroom and luck the door...just like I did last year. No more drama this time.I'm used to it. Its never gonna be like how we celebrate it in the Philippines where you'd feel like your in a middle of a battle field and your nose is black from the fumes..It just the exact opposite. Too quiet...in fact I could here our next door neighbors opening & closing their closet.

Peaceful...I guess is the word I would describe our New Year's celebration and perhaps that would be my wish for our family too and the whole world.

We did watch Harry Potter the Order Of The Phoenix ( yes I am obsessed )As the main stars of this very popular movie has gotten mature so is the plot of the story and it is even more ( to me atleast )because you can kinda relate . The also enjoyed Goblet Of Fire but this latest sequel of Harry Potter made me cry .Ok , I wont reveal the story for those who hasn't seen it yet.
I am just so taken by the character and the whole story that I am planning to get me the entire books collection ! Yey...that would be something that I can look forward to this year.

Speaking of "something to look forward to ".....My husband gave me another surprise for xmas......a new "vacuum cleaner" hahahha :D

It was something I have been wanting to buy but I just could not find the right one ( and right price tag). Imagine not being able to vacuum your home for a few months...well, I used the small handvacuum that my MIL gave to us but it was not powerful enough to get all of the dirt ,crumbs and hair (gross , I know) For the sophisticated taste of the Domestic Diva..( that's moi!! ) this was a perfect gift for me because I have been wanting to get a really good quality vacuum and boy did I put the thing to the test immediately hhahhahaa. With 2 active kids and my long hair , an ordinary vacuum cleaner wasn't enough so even though we spent a little bit more if we had gotten something at walmart or Target , this one will sure to last and it has 4 year warranty . No more kneeling to clean the carpet using the handvac ( coz I broke our upright vac few months ago).I have been vacuuming joyfully since and I just love the feeling of clean floors .

New Year Resolution...??????
If you guessed "to lose weight"..you hit the jock pot ( dingding ding!!)
maybe I should have wished for a one year supply of " motivation" hahahah.. We'll see.. I have to make friend with my scale again and cardio equipment :)

Till here for now....

BTW..I got another cool awards from Tess and Bless ( nice rhyme)...Thank you both for your sweetness.I apprecaite it very much :)