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Monday, January 7, 2008

It's Back To School

I am seriously confused on whether I should be glad that the kids are back in school again of to be disappointed because I have to get up early in the morning again.My alarm went off and I felt like I fell from the top of a very tall building and went in turbo speed going down..lols....

Oh well..we're back to normal routine...at least this morning I didn't have to turn the house upside down just searching for the comb ( I bought 4 of them , one for each room )

Myspace Comments - Monday Already

The weather has been just awful this past days.Just rain and freezing cold. It start to get dark at 4pm and by 6pm you feel like you didn't get enough done for the day and its already time for bed. I wanted to take pictures out door but we could go out so I just made my son as my model again . I couldn't trick my older daughter any more even if I promise her treats if she pose for mommy. Inside our small apartment I practice with my new digi cam and even discovered some tricks with photoshop all by myself.

Photosharing Time!!!

Nature Tripping

The rain stopped for a while so I managed to take snap shots of the views outside of our patio.

A Really Old Tree

Birds On The Tree ~ A VerY Alfred Hitchcock Kind Of Scene..Creepy?

Great Grandpa Called And He Wants His Car Back

Nice Job Stacking Logs

A Lonesome Nut

Okay...that's all for now..

1 comment:

Francesca said...

Ah, back to work din si Mommy, haha.

I like the cat photo, reminds me of al pacheeky, our cat, when he just got up, haha
musta? all the best for the coming years!