"Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.” ~Marcus Aurelius

Thursday, September 27, 2007

When Kids Get Sick

It hasn't been a great week for our family lately.Since the start of the school season my kids been sick too. I am sure teachers tries their best to keep classroom clean but no one is really immune to common illnesses. Shinjo started to have runny nose last week then his appetite decreased .He didn't want to eat anything except for sugary treats such as gummy bears & fruit juices . Then he started to have diarrhea.
We had the same problem before but it never fails to catch me off guard & gets panicky.The next day I got him Pedialite & gave to him through syringe coz he wont drink it on his own.His diarrhea seems to have disappeared but now he is vomiting!Everytime he tries to eat something it would come back out . He threw up in the car , the living room, on his bed everywhere!! Thank God for the washing machine coz I can't imagine washing bed linens by hands just like in the Philippines. My brand new Fabrees bottle is now almost half empty but it's okay coz it did a great job getting rid of the smell ( w/ some serious scrubbing as well ).

Wednesday when I picked up Princess at school I knew there was something wrong. She immediately cried when she saw me & I was like " Pls don't tell me you pulled some girls hair ". She was complaining about tummy ache & I asked some parents who child also goes to lunch at the cafeteria if their kids have the same problem but they didn't. Now while driving , I thought about how am I gonna get medicine w/out having to take 2 sickly kids inside the store? Solution?? Ah...Walgreens drive-thru pharmacy.Pulled over next to the window & this 20 something girl greeted me & already , I felt some negative vibes. Sure enough , this girl wouldn't give me a freakin' Peptobismal. Even after explaining to her that both kids are sick , she refused & told me she can't give me any medication because she's not a pharmacist & that I would have to go inside the store!! I almost yelled at her & screamed "if you're not a pharmacist then what the hell are you doing here wearing that white stupid robe?? Either she's lazy or stupid , I mean how hard is it to grab that pink bottle , no measuring, no typing involve....grrrrrrr!!!! While inside the store I kept praying that none of my kids would throw up or have a nasty accident coz I would really make sure that that girl gets fired!!

Today ,we took Shinjo to the doctor because his vomiting scared us but when the doctor saw him eating Cheerios , he just told us to go home & just let the tummy bug go away on it's own.

Their faces brightens our home with their happy smiles.

Monday, September 24, 2007

8 Random's Facts of My Past

Thanks to Geri for this tag

1. When I was 5, my grandpa convinced everybody that I could read , in English .Of course no one would believe that a kid who have not yet gone to school ( there weren't any preschool yet during my time ) & can't even spell her name could read a book so my grandpa would show them very proudly that I really could read & my he would make me sit in the middle of the table so everybody could hear while I read to them my favorite book "The Caterpillar" . Everybody would clap w/ amazement about my great talent until one jealous cousin couldn't stand the attention that was being bestowed upon me & blurted out " SHE CAN'T READ , SHE MEMORIZED THE BOOK" . I didn't believe her because I was so sure that I know every words of that book so I argued & cried & told my cousin she was a liar & jealous . My grandpa didn't want me & my cousin's feelings hurt so he explained that I just knew the entire book by heart because he had read it to me over over & that everybody knows it but they went along to boost my confidence . It was my first taste of heartbreak & up until now I could still vividly remember the pain lols.

2. At around 7-8 years of age , every summer vacation ,I would help my grandma sell her very famous isaw bbq ( pig intestine bbq) & I would scour the whole neighborhood knocking at every door. Then I would go to every gambling houses ( majong,41,tong-it's ,pusoy) till my whole basket of bbq's are all sold. As my reward my grandma would give me 1 peso to put on my tin can piggy bank . By the time school starts I would have enough money to buy me new school stuff :)

3. When I was in 5th grade , I had a huge crush with a guy from 6th grade. One day while I was standing in line at the Buko juice stand , someone tap me in the back as I was getting my favorite drink . It was my crush & he asid "Hi". I got so nervous I didn't know what to do & I could feel my face burning. I tried to smile & say Hi back but instead something went shooting out of my nose & dropped into my Buko juice cup( uhugin pa kasi kereng-keng na !) . I wasn't sure if he saw it but I thought I was gonna die at that moment so I ran away as fast as I could . Talk about a total turn-off!!

4. In 6th grade, I joined a beauty contest at our local church. I made it into the final round but when it was time for the evening gown parade , I had a wardrobe malfunction. The zipper was jammed & I couldn't force it to slide up .It was a long all the way dwon to my butt!! My mother was frantic trying to find safety pins. She manage to get some at a near by tiange. She saved me from another colossal humiliation.

5. Another funny story when I was a kid was when me & this boy neighbor of ours were about to jump across a big muddy puddle. We were teasing each other & I laughed so hard when he didn't make the jump . I made sure I jumped as far as I could but totally forgot that I was holding 3 eggs that my grandma asked me to get from the store. So guess what happened after that...lols... Grandma was so mad but I thought it was totally worth it though coz I wouldn't let that boy beat me on a dare :)

6. In high school , I joined the drama club & given the lead role to the annual stage presentation. No experience what-so-ever , I managed to pull it through even though so many things went wrong during the opening night (props wont function, lights wont turn on , other cast forgetting their lines etch etch ). They gave me the "Best Actress" award lols.....I've learned the true meaning of "the show must go on".

7. 3rd year high school I joined a contest at school. Whoever could raise the most money would win the crown of Miss Capitol High. I worked so hard raising cash & giving out envelops BUT I didn't surrender all of the money to the school ,just some lols..... I didn't care about the crown or the title but I did enjoyed a few trips at the mall & got myself really fancy stuff :)

8. And last but not the least...
I crashed at an exclusive CAT party at school. It was supposed to be just for all the officers of the Civilian Army Training corpse or whatever they call it. Geesh, I was called in front of all the officers & told that I can't stay blah blah blah......and all I could think about was..."you are so full of S*^%!!!!! . It's just a party. They're acting like they are in a middle of some highly classified military operations. It was just a bunch of high school kids trying to have some fun. At ease man!!!

That's all I could think of Right now. There's many more unforgettable & funny events of my childhood.

I'm tagging Lanie( kahit super busy sya) , Gilda( kahit na sya ay MIA lols ) , Anna , Sandy,In-in, Vanessa ,Sarah ,Tess (na tag na kayo ni Ger but I'm tagging u ulit, wla lang ) ,Rhebs,Pham,Bless and anybody who wants to. :)

I Won Something!!!

It's nice to know that I bring some positive flow to others.
Thank you Tess for this award. I appreciate it truly.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

7 Things That Makes Me Happy

Thanks to Sarah & In-in for the tag.
I am passing this to Geri , Sandy ,Vanessa & Anna.

1. My family , most definitely on top of my list coz they are my life & soul.

2. Each & everyday when I wake up.....it makes me happy knowing that
I'm gonna spend it w/ my kids & husband.

3. Beautiful songs...esp. those tunes that touches my heart.

4. Good tasting food that I make.Satisfaction comes when I see the plates empty

5. Friends & relatives from my country.Reminds me of who I am & where I started.

6. To see new places & learn new culture. It's like broadening your horizon &
give you better understanding of other people , their way of living,values
& character.

7. Peace & quiet.....when you're a busy mom ,serenity & tranquility is a rare
commodity. I believe you need to have these once in a while to balance your
life & to keep your sanity.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Feel The Burn!

I've been ranting & raving about my weight gain issues and now finally I had some positive result. After 1 week of regular exercise & controlled diet , I lost 2 lbs!!! Ok , I know some will raise their eye-brows & say " Big Deal...2lbs is nothing!". Not for me coz this is the 1st time in a long while that I saw the scale actually went down. It was frustrating when you know you bust your ass everyday for 2 hours or so at a time & nothing happens. Clothes were still getting tighter,energy was so depleted ,and the scale is going the opposite way .I am happy even with the slightest hint that my effort & discipline is paying off. The hardest part is the first 5 minutes of it .Doing cardio felt like climbing the top of Mt. Everest.I started w/ moderate speed & the most amount of time I could manage (10mins..lols )then I gradually increases it the next day. I discovered too that if I listen to some up beat songs ,that I felt more energized & into the groove. So I made a play list of dance & hip hop songs to listen to while I am working out & its as if I just drunk a can of Red Bull , I mean , who wouldn't feel the urge to shake thier booty when you hear Beyonce, Shakira ,Rihanna,Lauren Hill & Sean Paul ?.I have more energy & endurance. I have increased my time to 30 mins and then I slowly incorporate streangth training. Hubby showed me how to do leg work out last night & because those muscles of mine aren't used to being subject to weight machine , it was hard. I kept telling myself " Feel The Burn , Feel The Burn!!"

Losing 2lbs is a good start. I'm not starving myself , not taking any crazy diet pills, not feeling depressed about my figure and if I continue & be consitent w/ my work out routine I would lose over 20lbs by December w/ is my goal.Hopefully I'll have enough confidence to post my whole body picture here.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Poor Britney

I know this is kinda late but I just had the urge to post about her.

Being a singer ,I can relate to her stage fright when she performed at the VMA's.It was her 1st major appearance after a few years & it is nerve wracking to be up on stage while millions of people watching plus many other very famous artists as an audience . The most number of people that I had as an audience would not even fill up a small basketball court but just imagine the whole world watching you & every little detail of your being is magnified.

The press have nothing but harsh comments about her...just soo mean!!!
I know that she tried to give 100% that night but it was a disaster.
I wish that she's be given another shot .

Some may think this video is funny but there is a sincerity from this guy.

A Tag From Caleb's Mom,Sarah

1. Are you Male or Female?
babaeng babae day....kahit silipin mo pa under may saya.

2. How old are you?
Old enough

3. When was the last time you watch TV?
3pm ,Yankees lost :(

4. Do you enjoy kissing in public?
I have that kind of mood sometimes ;-)

5. What do you dream about at night?
I usually forget what I dreamed about.

6.What do you do on a Friday night?
Get anxious for the weekends

7.Do you sleep with a fan in your room?
Yeah,to help cold air from the AC circulate.

8.Do you shower before you go to bed?
Yeah,w/ really hot water.

9.What kind of drinks do you prefer?
alcoholic-white wine or Margarita ,non-alcoholic diet green tea or diet coke and coffeeeeeeeeeee

10. Do you have a crush on someone?
I am an admirer of all beautiful people

11. Are you taken?
yup w/ no return-no exchange tag

12.Have u ever been inlove?

13.How long have you been together?
Over 5 glorious years

14.How did you meet?
by chance ,somewhere in Hongkong,one beautiful starry night

15.What do you like the most abouthim/her?
His spirit,his heart,his soul , his laughter,his emotions , his thoughts ,his sensitivity , his eyes, his voice and of course his looks :)

15.What do you like the least abouthim/her?
he cares too much about everything w/c makes him susceptible to getting hurt & being disappointed.

16. What is the best thing he have ever done for you?
He never gave up on me even though at the beginning our fate seem pulling us apart.

17.Have they met your parents yet?
Yes, my MIL is one of the bravest,strongest & most caring person I've ever met.

18.What would your kids look like if you had kids?
They look like any other kids.....special & unique

19.What is the worst argument you have had?
Hhmmmm....we had a few really but it just even made us stronger.

20.Do you still kiss a lot?
Every single chance I get....I've warned him first hand that I am very "touchy"

21.Who asked who out?
I guess it was me because I wanted to show him around HongKOng.

22.Do you think you will get married?
Not at the beginning coz I knew it's not gonna be easy....

23.Can you see yourself growing old with them?
Yes, most definitely....we want to travel around the world when we get old & gray.

24.What is the one thing you would like to change about him?
Nothing...absolutely nothing

25.What do you think they would like to change about you?
I can't speak for him....but maybe my insecurities..

26.What is the first gift he ever bought you?
A framed photo of him & me and a diamond ring....

27.Do you have a favorite song together?
It had to be you & Never Felt This Way by Brian McKnight

28.Which famous person do you think he look like the most?
I always thought he kinda look like Russel Crowe or maybe Ray Liotta

29.Would you say the two of you are agood match?
Yes, we compliment each other.

30. When you are away from your partner do you wish you were with them?
Yeah, I can't seem to enjoy anything I'm doing if he's not around.

31. Are you able to argue with your partner and then make up afterwards?
Yeah....we'll have make up sex after a big fight lols

31. When shopping do you see things you would like to buy for your partner?
All the time

32. Would you rather go out for the night with your partner than your friends?
No..he's always fun to go out w/....plus he's a generous date

33.If your partner asks you to do something for them do you do it without grumbling?
I might throw a hissy fit,just because I was tired....but then I'd end up doing it anyway

34. Would you change something about yourself if your partner asked you to?
If he wants me to have a boob job...why not...if he's gonna pay for it :)

35. Have you and your partner talked about what you would do when you are both retired?
Yeah...travel...vacation...learn new hobbies

36.Do you worry about how your partner would cope if you weren’t there for them anymore?
Yes..because I baby them too much

37. Where is he right now?
Right next to me...sleeping

38. What is the last word you say to your partner before you die.
That I love him till eternity & beyond and I'd tell him to keep living..keep loving..keep enjoying life...but don't forget about me.I'd thank him for all the wonderful times we've spent together & that I'd live my life all over again if I would be w/ him again.

I'd like to tag Sandy ,Pham , Anna , Vanessa

Friday, September 14, 2007

Friday Night Sports

"We lucked out. That eighth inning was incredible. The only thing predictable in this ballpark is the unpredictable." -- Yankees manager Joe Torre

One of the best quotes ever!!

What an exciting game.For all the Yankees fan it was an awesome game when the yanks rallied on the 8th inning to win the game 8-7 against their number 1 opponent ,the Boston Red Sox.

I had such mixed emotions because I watched the first 3 inning & reds were just hammering them & I couldn't take it anymore...it was just too painful to watch your favorite team getting beat so I recorded the rest of the game & proceeded to do my normal daily routine.

3 hours later I checked the DVR and the recording was incomplete!!!!! Grrrrrrr!!! It stop the recording after the 6th innings because the game lasted 4hours . Arrrggggg...anyways..the most important thing is that my favorite team WON!! whoohooooo...oh yeah.

Another favorite of mine....the fabulous Tiger Woods was just doing amazingly at the Tour Championship making birdies here & there.Second round & he has already a big commanding lead . I just got to see the highlights of his shots & they were just unbelievable!! Go Tiger !

This weekend should be so much fun for all sports fan. Yankees battle against the Reds , Tiger completing his win and the Colts going against the Titans. I hope there's enough chips & salsa in the pantry.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Meldz Perfect Roasted Chicken

1 small whole Chicken (3-4 lbs)
2 medium onions quartered
5 cloves of garlic crushed
2 medium carrots in big chunks
2 potatoes big cubes
Sprig of rosemary (fresh or dry )
Olive oil
Dry Oregano
Salt & pepper to taste
1 ½ cups of low sodium low fat chicken stock

Pre heat oven at 350°F
Rinse chicken under cold running water.
Remove giblets & set aside ( I boil them & reserve the stock to make gravy)
Pat the chicken dry w/ paper towels then cover w/ olive oil.

On a roasting pan season chicken w/ salt & pepper.
Insert some of the crushed garlic under the skin of the chicken
Put some veggies inside the chicken cavity including rosemary.
Put the remaining garlic & veggies around the chicken.
Pour chicken stock around the chicken ( this is the secret to juicy & tasty chicken meat)
Cover the top of the chicken w/ aluminum foil ( to avoid burning too fast )
Roast for about 30 mins then baste w/ stock.
When the chicken is half way done , remove the foil & let roast again
For another 30 mins ,basting from time to time.
The last 20 mins , crank up the heat to 400°f to make skin brown & crisp.

When chicken is cooked , transfer to a serving platter & let rest before carving.

Pass the roasting liquid to a strainer.
On a small sauce pan , heat some olive oil & a little bit of butter.
Add 2-3 teaspoon of flour & cook for about 2-3 mins mixing constantly to
avoid lumps. Pour the reserve stock & whisk till creamy .
Adjust the seasoning .Just add some more chicken stock or warm water if gravy gets too sticky or creamy

Serve chicken w/ the roasted veggies , steamed rice or mashed potatoes & gravy.

I like making this on the weekends.Yumm!

Pinoy Humor

You might have read this somewhere but still want to to share :D
Sooo funny !!
English movies you should never translate in tagalog...

-----Courtesy of Slimz:

1. black hawk down - ibong maitim sa ibaba
2. dead man's chest - dodo ng patay
3. i know what you did last summer - uyy... aminin!
4. love, actually - sa totoo lang, pag-ibig
5. million dollar baby - 50 million pisong sanggol (it depends on the
exchange rate of the country)
6. the blair witch project - ang proyekto ng bruhang si blair
7. mary poppins - si mariang may putok
8. snakes on a plane - nag-ahasan sa ere
9. the postman always rings twice - ang kartero kapag dumutdot laging
dalawang beses
10. sum of all fears - takot mo, takot ko, takot nating lahat
11. swordfish - talakitok
12. pretty woman - ganda ng lola mo
13. robin hood, men in tights - si robin hood at ang mga felix bakat
14. four weddings and a funeral - kahit 4 na beses ka pang magpakasal, mamamatay ka rin
15. the good, the bad and the ugly - ako, ikaw, kayong lahat
16. harry potter and the sorcerer's stone - adik si harry, tumira ng shabu
17. click - isang pindot ka lang
18. brokeback mountain - may nawasak sa likod ng bundok ng tralala /bumigay sa bundok
19. the day of the dead - ayaw tumayo (ng mga patay)
20. waterworld - basang-basa
21. there's something about mary - may kwan sa ano ni maria
22. employee of the month - ang sipsip
23. resident evil - ang biyenan -- hahaha!!!
24. kill bill - kilitiin sa bilbil
25. the grudge - lintik lang ang walang ganti
26. nightmare before christmas - binangungot sa noche buena
27. never been kissed - pangit kasi
28. gone in 60 seconds - 1 round, tulog
29. the fast and the furious - ang bitin, galit
30. too fast, too furious - kapag sobrang bitin, sobrang galit
31. dude, where's my car - dong, anong level ulit tayo nag-park?
32. beauty and the beast - ang asawa ko at ang nanay nya
33. the lord of the rings - ang alahero

Names of newly-born Chinese

* Born secretly: Tina Go
* Born swindled: Lino Co
* Born alternately: Sally Tan
* Born accused: Macy Sy
* Born honest: Uma Ming
* Born dark: Andy Lim
* Born fat: Lucky Chan
* Born fatter: Bob Uy
* Born evil: Daemon Yu
* Born flirt: Alan Dy
* Born smelling: Kelly Kay Lee
* Born different: Eva Yan
* Born incomplete: Cole Ang
* Born sick: Hatch Ching
* Born cute: Cao Yun!

Paano kung nagsasalita ang mga bagay-bagay?

"Alam kong may gusto ka sa akin. Pasimple ka. Bakit di mo pa ako seryosohin? Pero, bago ang lahat, gusto ko alam mo na hindi ako easy-to-get." -'1.0' classcard

"Nag-iinit na ako! Hahaplusin ko na ang iyong damit!" - plantsa

"Pinapaikot mo na lang ako palagi. Nagsasawa na ako. Mabuti't patayin mo na
ako!" - electric fan

"Ayoko na! Bakit kapag nagmamahal ako, nagagalit lagi sila?" - gasolina

"Ginagawa ko naman ang lahat para sumaya ka... Mahirap ba talagang makuntento sa isa? Bakit palipat-lipat ka?!" - TV

"Tuwing kasama mo ako, ni minsan hindi kita nakitang masaya o ngumiti man lang..." - manggang hilaw

"Ayoko na ng takbo ng relasyon natin. Di ko na nararamdaman yung dati. Nanlalamig na ako..." - freezer

"Nakakalungkot isipin na may mga taong talagang nang-iiwan sa ere..." - saranggola

kahit hindi ka mabango at kanais nais, parating kasama mo ako, pero bakit ayaw mo sa akin? - balakubak

nahirapan kang kunin ako para lamang bola bolahin mo, tapos ay itatapon mo sa kung saan saan lamang - Kulangot

Alam ko maramin akong tanong sayo, pero nagtatanong lang naman ako, Sana wag mo ako murahin patalikod pag di mo masagot mga tanong ko... -test paper

"hindi imo ako kayang lunurin!!! bwahahaha!" -palitaw

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A Day In A Life Of A Full Time Mom

Whew...really whew...
It's 5pm while I'm typing this.
It's 90 degrees outside & I feel like I'm fighting for my breath.
Need to sit & relax a little bit.

I got up at 7am start coffee machine..took me 15 mins to wake up.
Prepare kids lunch bag & their clothes.
Wake up kids ,showered, got dress , ate some breakfast.
Put dishes away , comb hair,put shoes on, grab bags
8:10am....drive the girl to school. Little boy have to come along coz daddy's off to work really early today .
8:15am...arrive at school, circled around a couple of times to find a spot to park
8:45...back home w/ son. Pick up dirty clothes , make the bed , put toys away..

9:15 while little boy is playing in his room , mommy put on work out clothes , starts her work out playlist & hit the machine.

9:45..mommy showered get dressed
10:30am Little boy showered , get dressed
10:45 drive to little boy's school
11:00 drive to the store pick up some items for the house
1:00pm, pick up little boy from school
1:30pm ate some light lunch w/ son.
2:00pm rinse dishes, run dishwasher , mop kitchen floor , take garbage out.
2:30 drive to daughter's school .Mommy wants to get there ahead of everybody to get the shaded parking spot. Only a filipino would do that :)
3:00 back home , wash up kids, check school bags, dump un-eaten school lunch & left over drinks.
3:30 run dryer , set out toys ,art & crafts stuff for the kids.
4:00 start dinner , clean chicken, cut veggies. put chicken in the oven
4:30 clean up kids' mess
5:00pm...chicken still in the oven, kids in their room watching tv
and mommy is blogging.....she needs some decompressing :)

...later on...
6pm dinner
7pm tidying up the house while the kids play/read books
7:30 fold laundry,iron clothes
8:30 give kids bath , put them to bed
9:00pm if there is no more chores to do , mommy & daddy sit & watch tv or a movie ( my favorite time of the day )

10pm or 11...bedtime....need to recharge & get ready again for the next day round.

So that's my day so far....How was yours?

Mom Gave Me A Haircut Before I Go To School

Got My Back Pack & Lunch Bag Ready

And I'm Off To School

That's Teacher Kathie .She's Very Pretty .

I Love School!!!

I have not had the chance to take my daughter's picture from school but I will sure post once I got them.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

First Week Of School

Nemo's voice is ringing in my ear yelling " First day of school , first day of school" to his dad.

Tuesday morning was torture. I felt like I was hung over. Getting up earlier than 10am is an absolute punishment for me but I had to get my lazy butt up . I can't remember when was the last time I had black coffee . I like my coffee creamy but that morning , I had extra strong black coffee ..whew it was awful but surely shook my brain off & I was up & ready to take on the world!.

Princess school was still under construction for the new classrooms & bigger parking lot....hence chaos everywhere....gosh what a terrible morning!! I bet everybody who took that road was late to wherever their destination was. There was no where to go & the usual 5 mins drive to school took about an hour including the time spent looking for a spot to park. Princess was getting hysterical coz she didn't want to be late but there's nothing we could do but all the aggravation was gone when she saw her former classmates. I was so touched when they hugged each other , so happy to meet again after a seemingly long summer vacation.

Shinjo went to preschool & in a new building. I like his teacher a lot & she's very pretty. Teacher Katie is young & energetic w/c I think is best to handle super active toddlers like my son.

I went home and it was so QUIET!!! lols....it felt weird but it's good for all of us to have time just for ourselves. Finally , I'll have an alone time w/ my exercise machine . I was so excited to don my work out clothes.. The first 5 mins was excruciating...who am I kidding , I have not touched it for so long and my body obviously is not use to physical activities. I tried really hard & I finished 20 mins ...whew.....that's a good start.. There's no more excuse...no more reason to procrastinate .

Our Bowflex Machine & Elliptical .Gathering Dust No More

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

A Tag From Tess ~ 6 Weird Things About Me

Thanks Tess for the tag. I'm glad it only asked for 6 coz I have a long list lols.

Write 6 weird things about you and post it in your blog. Make sure to state the rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Let them know that were tagged by leaving a comment in their blogs.
OK, here is my list:

1. I like pickin' black heads ( gross !! ). Yeah , my sister hates me whenever I use my big sister pass to pick on her nose till it's red as a tomato. Now it's my DH turn to get assulted by my finger nails. He would even use it to bribe me ( he'll say " I'll let you pick on my nose if you give me 15 mins back rub "). I not only pick them, I collect them & count them ...now that's weird.

2.I like everything spicy. I'd put chilli powder, chilli oil or what ever chili I could find to put on any food. Food taste bland to me if there's no spice.

3. I sleep w/ my eyes half open. DH saids it looks creepy he even took pictures of me while sleeping like a log.

4. I have a phobia w/ static shock. I once got zapped on my ear & it hurts so bad . Since then everytime I would touch something , anything esp. metal , I would kinda test it w/ the tip of my finger to see if I'll get shocked. It's kinds funny coz you'd think I'm touching something hot w/ my finger ( ouch! )

5. I easily ge startled. Maybe it's from drinking too much coffee ( nerbyosa) . I'd scream like hell if you try to scare me. My daughter thinks it's hilarious ,she will try to scare me at any chance she gets & laughs when I scream. My DH waits till I'm all alone watching my favorite crime show on TV coz he knows I would even jump from my seat if he scares me.

and last but not the least....

6. I cry so easily......like a flowing river. Even if it's just a simple sad story I'd cry...I'm like a cookie......tough & crunchy on the outside but soft in the inside .

There you go. I would love to read the weirness of my fellow bloggers Anna , Lanie , Sandy, Sarah, Vanessa , Geri & Rhebs

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Labor Day Weekend ~ It's the end of a long vacation

50% of me says " yey,at last vacation is over...I'll be busy again " but the other 50% says " Oh man, this means I can't stay in bed till 10am anymore!" But I guess I'll go w/ the first coz I think I've had enough of idle time. I'm so excited for the start of the school season. It means we'll gonna meet new people , gonna go to new places , kids have brand new clothes & school stuff , meeting new friends.....it's just so thrilling for me!!

Saturday we stormed the Woodburn Company Store Outlet and went elbow-to-elbow amongst the crowd of anxious shoppers. I made sure that I wore my most comfortable pair of shoes coz the last time was pretty painful , my feet was sore for a few days from my very fashionable 3" clogs (duh). This time I came all set & prepared( studied the map,list of stores, shopping list) & I came victorious. This is a shopping heaven for penny pincher's.
My kids have enough clothes till the next change of season w/o breaking the bank.

Labor Day Dinner: Sweet & Sour Chicken W/ Garlic Rice

After whining about the quality of Chinese food here , I decided to make one myself.
The batter is light but still crispy & the sauce has just the right sweetness .

Tired the whole day so I guess I deserve
a glass of good chilled chardonnay & enjoyed the rest of the evening with my honey.

I hope you all had a Great Labor Day weekend :)

One Of My Favorite Video Performance Of Lea Salonga

I can't resist not to post this coz I think it's so sweet & special.
Lea singing the song Two Words as her marriage vow while her brother Gerard & SIL playing piano & violin .

Sandy, di ako makatulog , hinanap ko talaga sya kasi it is such a lovely song.