"Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.” ~Marcus Aurelius

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Not Enough Days In A Week :)

It's been a busy week yet again.
Sunday we went with our friends to this huge farm for a pumpkin patch trip for the kiddos and boy did they had a blast!!.It was their first time and so was mine . Personally, I still couldn't completely embrace the idea of a "celebration" for this particular event because to me as a filipina ,it's a time to remember our relatives & loveones who passed away and also I was quite sure there were more bigger ,prettier & cleaner pumpkins at Costco or Winco so why in the world we were in the middle of a farm , all muddy and cold I would never understand but who am I to spoil the fun. Kids were just ecstatic to see all the activities in lined for them such as petting zoo,corn maze,haystack maze,train ride, pumpkin patch , boat ride and some delish food kiosks. For less than 15 bucks the four of us gets to do all of these stuff and bring home the best pumpkin that we could find for the Halloween.In the end I thought that it is indeed a fun holiday coz it's about family sharing activities that everyone enjoys. I'll try to remember to wear rain boots next time.

Boat ride,The Pumpkin Patch and Petting Zoo

Monday was spent general cleaning coz the next day is a special day for my MIL and I want to make sure that the house is impeccable in all corners . I was in such a mood for cleaning , I even clean my car that has been begging for some TLC :)
Tuesday , we celebrated my MIL's birthday.
Times like this when I'm not really in the mood to cook especial dishes, we just ordered take out from Red Robin. I am just so glad that we are so easy & predictable.We order same food everytime and everyone is fine and happy with it which makes life so much easier and we still had lots of time left to enjoy a movie.We had Baskin Robbins ice cream cake btw..how easy is that?? No fuss , no huss and MIL was happy with her bday celebration.

Shinjo school had their own little pumpkin patch on Wednesday at school too and they painted their own pumpkins & brought it home. It was so cute what my son did , he turned the pumpkin into something that looks like the globe because of it's bluish green color . I'll post pics of the pumpkins that we got after they've been carved.

Thursday , my daughter had a Parent Literature Night. I'm not actually the most social type and prefers to be on the back stage but I didn't want my kid to be left out and so I went. It wasn't as bad as I thought and many parents came with their kids and I got to meet some of them and they all have one thing to say about my daughter, " Oh my gosh your daughter is such a talker"...lols but I already knew that. There were book reading , family games & activities and the most fun of all is the free pizza and refreshment....oh actually it's the ruffle draw and the free books which I love tremendously coz there were no limit , only your guilt , coz you can take as many as you want!!!

Friday , I wanted to go window shopping for holiday outfit for the kids but I got so much stuff to do at home so I decide to re-sched my mall trip. I couldn't believe I spent 4 and a half hours ironing our clothes that afternoon. Heck I even ironed DH's boxer shorts , I think. I was just on a roll with loading up the dirty laundry & ironing the dried ones. Whew , what a day. While I was swooshing my arm with the hot steaming flat iron back & forth , I was in front of the TV watching new episodes of Law and Order SVU that I recorded , some old episodes of Scrap booking from DIY channel up to the evening local news. I was so glad when I was finally done.I think I've ironed half of our entire wardrobe. Dh felt bad so he ordered Japanese take-out for diner.

Speaking of scrap booking, I have made a few pages but I had to put them away for awhile coz I get to immersed with the whole process and as a result many of my daily chores piled up undone such as the laundry,dusting , bathroom etch etch.It's funny when my husband goes to work with crumpled shirt,his co-workers assumed we had a fight lols. Anyhoo..here are some of the pages that I have done. I will finish the whole album which means I still have maybe 300 more pics to go.

Some Of My Finished Scrapbooking Project

Saturday we went to the newly opened Ikea .About 20 mins drive if we didn't got lost.The navigation couldn't find the entrace to this humongous mall that sits amongst other big stores such as Staples,Marshalls ,Bestbuy etch etch. Ikea was so big and since it only opened in July this year a lot of people are still curious at what they could find in this popular Swedish store. The driving and the immense size of it got me so tired I totally lost my appetite to buy anything. I was contented on just looking around ,scouting and kinda making mental note at what I'm gonna buy next time. We had to stop by at Target on our way home but I was just too exhausted otherwise I would have gone inside Target to check out their dollar only section but instead I just stayed in the car .Hmmmmmm sign of aging :)

Sunday,we just stayed home. I think even the kids have had enough fun for the whole week. We watched old movies and I made toasty Philly Cheese Steak sandwich for lunch and when I'm done with this post , we are gonna watch The Pirate of The Caribbean:At Worlds End and have some nice rum and coke drink...ahhhh...relaxing.

Ta ta for now and have a fun Trick'a treatin' :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A Tag From Sarah

Our Better Half

The rules are:

1.First name:
( if he doesn't like his name plastered all over the net a pet name will do.)
2. How and where did you meet?
3. Characteristics
4. Your plans 20 to 30 years from now.

To explain our story better , I gotta post a few pics of him and if you are gonna be talking about the man of your life, then it has to be atleast a good 5 paragraphs long lols....expectedly :)


Younger Grant


We met in HongKong in February 2002.He was sent there by his company to do some work. He said he kinda felt that he's gonna meet someone during his short stay so when him & his colleagues went to a Buddhist Temple & saw a Lucky Pan he touched it & made a wish, for him to meet the ONE!!The next day , after enough cajoling by his friend , they went out late that night to a bar & unbeknownst to him , the ONE that he was waiting for was sitting next to him & introduced herself as "Jenina" ( I lied..I usually do ,esp if it's just the 1st meeting coz it's always the last that I see those guys anyways. I also lied about my job..I told him I was a secretary lols). It was just a casual "hi! how-do-you-do" meeting , just 2 strangers making Innocent conversation....till he asked me to dance ( blushing....I think even if I retold this story when I'm old & wrinkly , I would still be blushing and giggling ).The song was "Can't Take My Eyes Off of You".How fittingly so coz I felt like I was on a daze and suddenly regretting why I gave him a false name .I remember secretly praying that he wont vanish too soon juts like some regular tourist. We danced all night & talked till morning.

February 2002,HongKong

We spent the following day together and I told him the truth , my real name and my profession.He heard me sang for the first time & told me that I shouldn't lie again about my job. Prior to our meeting I just rebounded from a nasty break-up & getting into another relationship was not on my mind .Never was I particularly attracted to Americans neither , just their music. There were a few numbers of men foreign & local who showed interest but only a a handful of them came as close as to sending flowers & gifts.I had to turn them down coz I wasn't ready. I thought about the same when I met Grant that's why I gave a phony name but something happened & changed my mind. All of a sudden ,here's this guy that I couldn't wait to spend the next seconds with. I fell in love & so was he.

It all happened so fast and all we could ever think of was we can never spend our lives apart no matter what. It wasn't smooth sailing when we started my visa process.It was a real test of commitment to each other coz it was really tough.The whole experience that we survived made us realize that if we can pass the immigration hurdle & long distance relationship , then we are strong enough to outlast anything.

#3 Characteristics

If you read about Taureans, then that's almost exactly what he is.He is such a gentle soul that wont hurt a fly but beware if you cross him coz he can be very resentful. He is the kind of guy who will pull over the side of the road to help a stranger in need.He is such a loyal and a trusty friend. very conservative and honest and very respectful. When it comes to his family ,his devotion is without question by far the best I have ever seen.To his wife he is loving,passionate ,understanding,considerate and romantic. He knows how to flatter his wife and make her feel special. His work ethics is truly admirable.always making sure that he gets the job done and more.All in all, he has everything that I wanted in partner although he can't cook ,he can do many other things that always impresses me

#4 Future Plans

Ooohh..I got a long list for that but realistically , our plan is to raise our kids the best possible way we can, make sure they get the best education & always be there for them. Our kids are our number one priority . Comes next is for me to go to college,have a career that I like ,build our dream house, save for retirement, travel the world & grow old & gray together. But that is looking too far ahead.For now we are thankful for everyday that goes by that we have each other.
I'd be forever thankful to God and for that friend of his who forced him to go out that night or we would never have met.I've found my soul mate,my best friend ,the king of my heart.

I'm guessing this tag has been done by most of my friends but who ever wants to do it, feel free. I know how much love to talk about your Knight in shining armor.

Thank you to Mareng Sarah for this tag.

Friday, October 19, 2007

When We Were Young Tag From In-In & Sarah

So glad I kept these photos. Thanks to the lovely In-In & vavavhoom Sarah :)
I never appreciate the sentimental value of every photos till
I got older. So here it goes.

I was one year old .This pic looks so ancient

3 years old

4 years old.I couldn't wait for them to cut the cake

Elementary Graduation.Puberty kicked in

Teenager..maybe 13-14

When I Was Still Singing..The Good Years lols

I am tagging everyone....PLEASE share to us your pictures when you were young :)

50 Questions ~ Tag from Sarah

Thank you very much to my very pretty kumareng Sarah for always remembering me :)

1. LONGEST RELATIONSHIP? - My love & hate relationship with my work out machine..we broke off temporarily :)
2. LAST GIFT YOU RECEIVED? - Macy's gift card from my MIL
3. EVER DROPPED A CELL PHONE? - yeah...I want it to break so I could get a new one but it's too tough
4 . THING(S) YOU SPEND A LOT OF MONEY ON? -right now....my scarpbooking project...gotta have the right tools :0
5. LAST FOOD YOU ATE? -Chiao Mien w/ shrimp & beef from Happy Panda....pwede na!
6. ONE FAVORITE SONG? - Through The Fire by Chaka Khan
7. WHERE DO YOU LIVE? - The Beaver State , Oregon
8 .LAST WEDDING YOU ATTENDED: -Our friend's wedding. Steve & Venus
9. LAST TIME YOU SAW YOUR BEST FRIEND: -A minute ago....he is also my partner in crime & bed mate
11. CAN YOU COOK? -I think I can
15. CAN YOU BAKE? - I bake. our bday cakes
16. LAST TIME YOU CRIED?: - Yesterday.when I slammed my knee against the door ...ouchhhh
17. LIKE MOST ABOUT YOURSELF: - i'm very flexible & adoptable
18. HATE MOST ABOUT YOURSELF?- my eagerness to please and I get easily destracted
19. CAN YOU SING? -can I sing??.....hhmmmnn...I dunno...can I?
20 . DO YOU DRINK? - last time I checked my throught is still ok :) lols...yes I can drink & right now I'd like some stiff margarita.
21. PANCAKES OR FRENCH TOAST? -neither...too carbie
22. DO YOU LIKE COFFEE? -I not only like coffee.....I NEED coffee..it's my fuel in the AM.
23. LAST PERSON ON YOUR MISSED CALL LIST? - my sweetypie , my pooh bear , my honey-bunny ( he's kick me if he hears this)
24. WHAT WAS THE LAST TEXT MESSAGE YOU RECEIVED?: - My friend Lay inviting me for a poker game on Sat..
25. CAN YOU PLAY POOL? -yeah...although pool table are not designed for short people like me.
26. CAN YOU SWIM? -no..I'll be like an empty bottle
27. FAVORITE ICE CREAM? -cookie dough & chocolate chips and Halo-Halo flavor from Selecta
29. WHAT DID YOU DO THIS WEEKEND? - hang out with friends , tackle pile of laundry
30. ARE YOU SMILING? - if there's reason to smile about yeah.
32. DO YOU HAVE A CRUSH? - The entire Ocean's 11 cast
34. ARE YOU IN LOVE?: -Every nano second of the day
35. D O YOU WISH YOU COULD SEE ANYONE PARTICULAR RIGHT NOW? - I wish I could see my brother . He needs help right now.
37. WHAT WERE YOU DOING 10 MINUTES AGO? -unloading the car with groceries.
38. IF YOU WERE A COLOR, WHAT WOULD YOU BE? - I'd like to be green...
40. WHAT MOVIE CAN YOU WATCH OVER AND OVER? - Sleepless In Seatle, Ocean's 11 , kids cartoon movies
42. NAME 5 PERSONS WHO'S NAME STARTS WITH THE LETTER "K"? *** Kulit , kuba , kumag, kuring , K_P_L hahahahhaa....
43. WHERE'S THE BEST PLACE TO EAT ICE CREAM? -behind the door where no one can see my big bites
44 . WHO IS YOUR CELEBRITY CRUSH? -Brad Pitt , George Clooney , Al Pacino , Robert Deniro , Matt Damon ,Gerard Buttler
45. SONG LISTENING TO RIGHT NOW? -nothing...I want total silence
46. WHERE DID YOU HAVE YOUR LAST VACATION? -The Pacific Coast 2 summers ago....tagal na
47. ARE YOU ONLINE? -ah yeah.....hallerrrrr!!!
48. WHO DID YOU CHAT WITH TODAY? -no one..I don't like chatting..I only chat with my sis & my DH
49. ONE THING TO DO BEFORE YOU DIE: -breathe...hahaha..I don't think there's nothing much you can do except to pray there's really no hell :)
50. ARE YOU BORED? -- If this question goes on any further then YEs...just kidding

A fun way to get to know a little bit more about your friends so I'm tagging Auee,Geri,Lanie,Rhebs,Anna,Bless,Yen,Phamz,Sandy,Darling,Darlene , and Francesca

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Funny Ha Ha

The busiest time of the day for me is in the morning.
Everybody got to be somewhere....school...work...wherever!
I like having plenty of time to get the kids ready to go for school...I hate rushing esp. when I am half awake coz usually it means I'll be cranky the rest of the day.

My morning ritual would simply be a good steaming cup of coffee ,strong with plenty of cream & 2 packets of spleada. I like to sit for maybe 5 minutes & kinda let the caffeine kick in , maybe check my email in between sips. That would be one of the few highlights of my day.

This morning I had my coffee but I didn't get to sit down & enjoy it like I normally do . I was multitasking & taking sips of the joe and getting whip splash looking at the clock . This is another thing that ticks of off...being late!!! I like to plan things ahead of time coz I'm don't do well under pressure. No matter how hard I try to be organize I still can't find my comb!!
Is there a ghost living with us trying to play with my sanity?? I even got a little caddy where every stuff for grooming hair goes , but not the comb. I swear when I find it , I will put a string on it & tie it in one corner & see if it still disappear.

So the morning didn't start smoothly for me. I had to hot iron my hair coz I look like I have an afro hairdo & the 5 mins of fixing my hair screwed up my A.M. routine.

On our way to school , I always have the AM radio on to listen to news updates , weather & traffic reports. I'd like to be up to date with what's going on so I don't get trap shut whenever somebody asked me " Hey did you know what happened to this & that ?? yadi yadi yada" and I look like a deer on headlight. It's always a good thing to be armed with information as much as you can.

Still in the car with the radio on but this time waiting at the parking lot for DH .It was around 10am & I just had the FM station on the background not really paying attention till I heard the DJ mentioned "Filipina " . I turned the volume up & it was The T-Man Show at Z100 . They were talking about a dating website called FilipinaHeart.com and how many "hot" filipina has profile in there. Dating or penpal website are nothing new...even Dr. Phil made great money with his Match.com . This dj's were reading random profiles & describing how the women looks like in their picture . It was funny at the beginning coz there were girls who says that " I can describe myself as a jolly person " or " I like cleaning the laundry & loving my future husband unconditionally" . They had a good laugh about it while I was sitting there kinda feeling embarrassed coz they are making fun of filipinas and I also feel sad because these girls have no idea that they are topic of a morning radio show with the dj's getting a kick out of some poorly grammared profiles on that website. Out of so many topic that can be discussed , why does it have to be about some girls from the other side of the earth who , to be honest , trying their luck to find the man that will take care of them. They laughed at the word "penpal" or "unconditional love"...why because they don't exist in this country anymore. For 20 minutes I listened to them basically talking about how many filipinas are desperate to come here in the states and make fun of their english skills .It was offensive & demeaning. I don't know if I was just not in a good mood coz of a bad morning & I was just being too sensitive or that my reaction is valid because of the way they laughed at filipino women . I don't know....but I do know that there is nothing to be ashamed of. Maybe some of these pinays don't have computer at home that's why they are looking for penpals and we our domestic skills is one of our best assets that's why many american men seeks asian women to be their wife. It might not be put in proper words at their profile but we know exactly what they mean & it's a legitimate & even fun way to meet someone & it should not be made fun of on national radio show.


I wonder if I would agree with their humor if I'd had a good morning start....nah....I doubt it. I think they suck & they are running out of more interesting things to talk about on their show that's why they are picking on those people who can't defend themselves. Whatever!!!

Monday, October 15, 2007

My New Fall Project

I love Autumn .It brings a different feeling like the calm that you need after the long riotous summer months. I love the changing of the green leaves into red,yellow & gold and the gentle cold breeze that feels so good upon your face. But Autumn here in the northwest can be too gloomy & melancholy because there comes freezing rain & all day long over cast sky. It's has been like that for days now & the weather man doesn't seems to have a sunny news for us till next week.I have been used to the rain in the Philippines during the wet season. Thunderstorms & typhoon , heavy fat rain & some times rain all month long but it's the same kind of feeling as it is here in Oregon. It can be overly depressing to some that is why our state & nearby Seattle has the most number of suicides especially during this cold rainy days.

I wonder how we survived the last autumn & winter seasons? When we first got here , we didn't have cable only internet & I still didn't know how to drive. That must be hard but somehow we managed to get through. This time it will be better for sure. I can take the kids to the store with out getting cold & damped and we have so much stuff to do.
Lots of movies to watch , thanks to Netflix ,Kids are busier now at school and me...well...that's is what this post is all about. I know I would never ran out of things to do to occupy my time .Our armoire for instance has now turned gray instead of it's rich brown color due to dust that is thickening by the day.You can write your name if you want but that is not what I am looking for. My creative bone was telling me something. I was feeling the urge to construct & be artistic los. My feet seems like a mind of it's own too & seems to be in connivance with my brain and took me to the place where my imagination can be materialized. .

First , I was just looking plainly at the craft section of my favorite thrift store & I found cute gift wraps for a dollar each and I thought ," Hhmmm...I could use this to decorate a shoe box for letter storage" . My daughter helped me with the project & I let her put the design. The next day , I went back & saw some bright red boxes that looked so perfect for paper works & documents that's been piling up over the years . I bought 3 of them coz it's only 3 dollars each.I printed out some labels & was delighted that not only our papers are sorted our but they are also tucked in some very pretty red boxes. Organizing is now so much fun .

My Big Red Storage Box For Only $3.Fits All of Our Docs

360 Pages Of Scrapbook Papers For Only $8 At Costco.What A bargain!

Okay , So now every time I'm at the store , I go straight to the craft isle & excited to see if they have anything on sale or something pretty that I could use.Last week I was at Target & I saw that they have scarp book kits for beginners on sale , for a buck each. I got so thrilled to see all those beautiful papers , ribbons, stickers and artsy embellishments. I ended up spending maybe about 20 bucks that day and this time I didn't show it to my daughter coz I'm sure she will insist on helping . I wanted to do more research coz I know it's not just about cutting papers & pasting pictures. I checked DIYNET.COM and found a ton of information about scrapbooking. I thought I'm gonna be discouraged but it was the opposite. I am even more motivated to make my first scrapbook. We got over 5 gigs of pictures in our computer &; I wanted to preserve them coz anything could happen to a machine plus what if there's no power & you want to show pictures to your friends & family. Oh boy, now I'm totally hooked!!!

I've learned that you have to use an acid free & lignin free papers & glue so it wont affect the pictures . I also discovered that Costco has the best quality photo printing. I selected our pictures in chronological order and reprinted them. Michaels & Joann's has so many selections of materials I feel like a kid at a candy store. I found really cute albums at Ross for a fraction of a cost and even found picture frames , another thing that I like to collect! So far I must have spent quite a bit on my project & I have not even started yet but it's okay. I wanted to do it right & I know it's not gonna be as perfect as what they show on TV but I know I can do something that will be satisfying to me plus , I know that our memories will be kept nicely & hopefully , the next generation will appreciate their past.

PotLuck Party With Pinoy Friends

Dunno when was the last time I hung out with friends
I got a text Tuesday from Mailene for a get-together potluck party and I couldn't wait for the week to get over coz the party was on Saturday. I have not seen them for a long time & even Princess missed them so much. I made sure DH calendar was clear so he can baby sit for Shinjo. As usual he insisted that I bring the two chikkiting but I protested.!! How in the world am I gonna have any fun if I have to run after my kids instead of making endless chikahan , di ba?

Wednesday, I went shopping for the ingredients ( over excited ba?) and double checked with Mailene if I was bringing the right dish. I decided I'm gonna bring Taco Carne Asada. It was a lot of work !! Lots of chopping,marinating & lots of tupperware to put all the condiments for the taco. I was afraid that no one will like it coz that was the first time I made a mexican dish but it was a hit!!

My First Taco Carne Asada

My friend Mailene has friends who came who were Vietnamese & they brought Spring Rolls which I loved so much. It was so light & delish!! Too bad I wasn't fast enough to take picture.
After eating, we did a little bit of Karaoke ( guess who sang the most :) ) and then they brought out the poker chips sets. They have the whole thing even the table cover to make it look like a real poker table. I'd be scared to play poker with those people coz they sure look like pros but they promise it's all just for fun. Yeah right!! After losing 10 bucks I decided I'd be better off being their nigh club singer..lols. With live music, poker game, good food & drinks & good company we had a great great time & it almost felt like we were in Vegas . Too bad the fun had to end .....at 1am. I never stayed out that late but I was forgiven this time coz I've been a good girl :). The girls already made a plan for another night out coz Lorelia is gonna celebrate her bday!! OOhh I can't wait I can't wait!!! I'm glad that I am better at driving now which makes me more comfortable going out to places without my husband. For sure I wont miss any more get together with the adults:)

Friday, October 12, 2007

Annoying Part Of Me

Got tagged by my sweet friends Tess & Sarah.
They didn't say how many so I'll put in 6 just like they did.

1. I am very disorganized.
Every morning I'd be searching the house for the COMB!! but that's just one
example of things I take for granted.

2. I'd buy greeting cards but always forget to MAIL them.
I think this is some kind of a disease coz who buys card , spent time choosing
the right one,and more time writing the messages but just couldn't make it to the
post office, It's been happening now for quite some time now .

3. I act like I'm tough but when I am upset about something ........I CRY .....like
a baby. I just have to let it out coz I can't contain it. But after that , then
I'm back to normal.My husband thinks this is very annoying coz he can't talk to
me until I'm done crying.

4. I'm also not a very good listener....I think most women are...esp when it's our
husband who's talking to us. But we are very good at pretending . I do appreciate
it when my husband talk about work & stuff coz it makes me feel like he
really thinks I'm smart enough to understand computers & techie jargon.

5. I lose trust easily & if I have some kind of a conflict with others, I avoid
confrontation but also avoid talking to that person all together....permanently.

6. I do the very high pitch voice when I'm mad & my husband says I sound like
George Costansa's mom in Seinfield. It drives him nuts.

I think most of you guys have done this tag so those that have not shared thier most annoying parts consider yourself tagged :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

4 Questions

Thanks to Supernova for this tag. It's been long over-due :)

The rule is to choose three questions among the given that you want to answer and post your own question as fourth for the next ones you'll tag to answer. The ones you tag should answer the question you've posted making his/her post 4 questions again as choices for the next person.

1st question is: Why men don't love shopping as much as women?

I'd rather they remain that way.Just imagine if guys likes to shop as much as women do then who's gonna watch the kids?? :) That is how nature wired us .To be distinct from the opposite sex.

2nd question from Daily Zen a.k.a. Allen: If you had to move to a different country outside of the USA, which country and why?

I'd like to live in the Philippines, assuming we have enough money to live comfortably,build a nice house in a nice area , have car , house helpers , air conditioning in every room, water heater & a heavy duty washing machine..I think there is no better place to live. Just imagine having fresh veggies, fruits & sea food everyday.Now that's life!

3rd question from Nova :
You were been into many fights with your very close friends. And because of that, one of your very close friends would tell you something like “we’re just keeping you because we have the same circle of friends and we can’t avoid you”. How will you feel? What will you do? Would you still stick of that friendship? And Why?

First of all , I hate this sorority type of friendship.Taking sides & "she-said-this-she-said-that" are just too juvenile.If you are in high school maybe that's cute but not if you're over 20. If EVER my friends tells me this , then that's it for me.Time to go looking for a more mature kind of friends . Yun lang!

Here's my question:
How do you define''principle"? Have you ever had your principle compromised and if YES then please share your experience?

I am tagging Sarah,Rhebs.Lanie,Geri,In-in,Banot , Yen ,Darling,Bless , Tess & Francesca.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Maligayang Kaarawan ,Nanay

I miss you so much. I'm sorry I couldn't be there to celebrate with all of you . I am so proud to be your daughter .You taught me so much about life & I hope I could pass it on to my own children. I pray that God keeps you healthy & strong always . I know someday soon we will have the chance to be see each other again. Have a Happy Happy Birthday ,Nanay! I love you very much.

This Song is for you ,Nay.


Sana’y di nagmaliw ang dati kong araw
Nang munti pang bata sa piling ni nanay
Nais kong maulit ang awit ni inang mahal
Awit ng pag-ibig habang ako’y nasa duyan

Sana’y di nagmaliw ang dati kong araw
Nang munti pang bata sa piling ni nanay
Nais kong maulit ang awit ni inang mahal
Awit ng pag-ibig habang ako’y nasa duyan

Sa aking pagtulog na labis ang himbing
Ang bantay ko’y tala, ang tanod ko’y bituin
Sa piling ni nanay, langit ay buhay
Puso kong may dusa sabik sa ugoy ng duyan

Sana’y di nagmaliw ang dati kong araw
Nang munti pang bata sa piling ni nanay
Nais kong maulit ang awit ni inang mahal
Awit ng pag-ibig habang ako’y nasa duyan

Sa aking pagtulog na labis ang himbing
Ang bantay ko’y tala, ang tanod ko’y bituin
Sa piling ni nanay, langit ay buhay
Puso kong may dusa sabik sa ugoy ng duyan
Nais kong matulog sa dating duyan ko, inay
Oh! inay

Saturday, October 6, 2007

A Song For Me

I wouldn't have signed up for a Friendster account if it wasn't for my sis. I have one too many online account sometimes I forget what password I use. I've actually closed a few other accounts & just kept a small numbers that I actually use.Today there's a new comment on my friendster & usually I'd skipt looking till I get around to it but this one was from my sister & I thought , hhhmmmm another flash shockwave thingy that she loves to post so I said fine ,let's see what she has for me and it was this song from Brandy called Missing You. I said "what...why is she posting a luv song , she must have made a mistake, maybe this was ment for her crush or bf".Being a music lover AND a hopeless romantic ,I was intrigued.I wanted to hear what she intended the lucky guy to hear but I was surprised with it's lyrics......it was really ment for me. I was so touched but I didn't tell her. I listened a few times & I felt sad coz I miss her too & happy because I have a sweet loving sister that cares for me .

If you haven't heared the song yet, I am sure you will love it too.

Note: Sorry I posted the wrong link earlier . This the right one. Hope U like it. For everybody who has siblings :)

Missing You
~ Brandy

1-Though I'm missing you
(Although I'm missing you)
I'll find a way to get through
(I'll find a way to get through)
Living without you
'Cause you were my sister, my strength, and my pride
Only God may know why, still I will get by

I would've known, that you had to go
But so suddenly, so bad
How could it be, not a straight memory worthy of
All that we had made
Now that you're gone, every day I go on (I go on)
But life's just not the same (life's just not the same)
I'm so empty inside, and my tears I can't hide
But I'll try, I'll try to face the pain
(repeat 1)

Oh, there was so many things
That we could have shared, uh-huh
And time was on our side (time was on our side)
Ooh, yeah
Now that you're gone, I can still feel you near
So I'll smile, with every tear I cry
(rpt 1)

How sweet, were the losses to spare?
But I'll wait for the day
When I'll see you again, see you again, yeah
(rpt 1)

I'm missing you

Friday, October 5, 2007

Three Things

A tag from Yen , Thanks girl !

Let’s have another 3 things!

1. Three things I love.
~ Family,Music, Travel
2. Three things I hate.
~Bad hygene,bad manners,Bad liars
3. Three things that scare me.
~strangers , getting lost , and having no money :)
4. Three things I don’t understand.
~people , myself , stock exchange & insurance system
5. Three things on my desk.
6. Three things I am doing right now.
~watching MLB playoff,blog hopping , watching kids.
7. Three things I can do.
~read Korean,sing foreign songs , sleep all day
8. Three things I can’t do.
~swim ,ride a bike ,roller blades
9. Three things on my to do list.
~ organize papers , print pictures , general house cleaning
10. Three ways to describe my personality.
~ no nonsense , stubborn , patient

Miss Sarah ,Lanie,Tess ,In, Banot , Bless ,Ana ,Rhebs ,Geri,Nova,Phamzy,Francesca,darling ,& Sandy....you are all tagged.

Monday, October 1, 2007


I had to write this after I read Geri's post about driving
This is just an accumulation of everyday nuisance that I needed to get out of my chest.

Fellow motorist who I share the road with everyday , you are at the top of my "Reasons-I-Want-To-Strangle-Somebody" List. I call you for whatever kind of car you are driving.

Mrs. Lexus....I know you are driving a fourty something thousand dollar car but please.....can you not drink your Starbucks Frappocino while talking with your red Palm Treo?? I mean, I can't help but wonder if you are a freak with three hands that's why you can drink & drive & talk at the same time....geesh..

Mr. Blond Hair Guy who's driving a porche....Do I looked impressed??? No....not even if you were Brad Pitt driving a Ferrari , I still wont make a LEFT TURN if I feel like it's not safe yet!! So you can honk for as much as you want I still wont go esp. if the on coming car is at a speed of light. You'll just have to wait like the rest of us human beings.

To another race-car driver who was speeding so fast I didn't even catch a glimpse of what car he was driving. If you have a death pact with satan well go for it...but please don't take us to the grave with yah... I still plan on living my full life expectancy and beyond. Slow down....life is too short....

To the bus driver who might need a new pair of specs...Didn't you see me coming?? I'm the little red car who was next to you ? I thought you aren't gonna go yet because your break light was ON!!! I know you're big & you probably makes minimum wages & you're in a hurry to get to your second job but can you please take a second to look at your side mirror before you step on the gas??

To the septuagenarian who's driving that big ass Cadillac ....I respect senior citizens but if their ability to drive on a busy high way is being impede by their age then maybe they shouldn't be out on the road driving . They are a lot more dangerous than the guy w/ the race car. They couldn't see the speed limit , they couldn't see your turn signal , they couldn't see where they're going !!! Fredies has an online store & they deliver ;

To the latina woman who drive a huge white econovan who gave me the stern look as I made a left turn at a stop in front of my daughter's school. Lady....the speed limit is 20 miles per hour on a school zone not 40......beinte milias per hora!!! Intiendes??? You shouldn't be that close to me if you were following the speed limit!!! Don't worry..they wont ran out of burritos at Taco Bell.

To the inconsiderate driver at the freeway.....you should allow others to MERGE!!! You don't own the road!!! You can either speed up or slow down but don't drive so close to me that I could hear you listening to Tom Jones....it's the freeway....FREE-WAY!! got it?

To parents at school who drive those freakin' big ass SUVs. Park on the right spot!! That means that the car next to you wont have to squeeze their asses so they could get out of their car and if you think the spot is just a bit narrow for your space craft then park somewhere else. Don't be scared to walk 50 steps from the school..it's cardio work out..it's good for you.

To the Ford Focus teenage driver who was almost sniffing my butt!!! Distancia amigo!! If you are behind me , I want to at least be able to see your plate numbers and not your hairy nose as you were picking on it , yukk!!

Okay ..I feel better now.

Drive safely :)

More Award ..*blush* * blush*

This one is from Merydith .
Thank you dear for this award.
I would like to pass it on to all of my friends that are also In-in's friends
so they probably have this award too :)

A Recognition From Tess

Thank you Miss Lovely Tess for this sweet award. It surely warmth the heart when friends are being so thoughtful.

All of the girls on my list deserves this award too coz that's the MAIN reason why you guys are on my list.....coz I LOVE YOU ALL ....

Tag From Mareng Sarah

TY for the tag sis.

Instruction : I will tag you a question and post your answer on your website/blog.After that make another question and tag the other blogger.

Question : Who is the greatest influence in your life or the person you look up to & why ?

I might have a few...maybe 2-3 lets see...hhmmmmm..

When my grandpa was still alive he thought me everything I needed to know when I was in grade school. Science,Math , History & English. He is a very smart old man & up to now it amazes me how he could capture a young playful minds attention & redirect it to something more intellect. He challenges me & made me realize that I can do more than just play all day under the sun. Who reads Reader's Digest when they are 8 or do Manila Times crossword puzzle before they were even in high school. I wasn't really smart or a nerd but he gave me the foundation on how to learn & to value knowledge .

Number 2 is Lea Salonga....it's true...I know it may sound cheesy but right about the same time as Miss Saigon was getting popular (1990 ) was when I was starting to practice singing . What I like about her is her perfectionism , every single song she sang was perfect....the tune,diction , emotion , her pitch and most esp. her properly placed vibrato. She was my model then & up till now.

Number 3 is my mother-in-law. I hope she's not reading this coz I don't think she'd be comfortable with her life being read on the internet. I wont go into every detail...just the quality of her that I admire the most. It's her strength as a woman who never let anything keep her down. You can talk about anything with her such as politics , medicine ( she's a former nurse) , American history, world history, movies , psychology, sociology etch etch.. plus she is very generous *wink*.. I admire how she handles adversities and still came on top . Such a strong ,smart and lovely woman.

Now here is my Question ( and I hope it hasn't been asked yet).

If you were given a chance to choose the kind of life to live , what would it be???

and the choose people to answer this Question are : EVERYONE ON MY FRIENDS LIST :)

if you have done this meme before then you can just igie it but if you would like to share your thoughts then feel free to do so .