"Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.” ~Marcus Aurelius

Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Work Out That Works For Me

A few months ago I started getting serious w/ my fitness goal. I've tried pills, low-Atkins , Juice Diet..etch etch...none of them worked. Instead of losing weight , I gained more.

The problem is not only my weight but my mind set. I was trying to solve my weight issue the easy & the fast way but I should have known that it's not gonna work. I might lose a couple of pounds but it always comes back & w/ a vengeance. My mind set & my will power is what needed boosts. After looking at my clothes that wont fit any more & looking at the mirror & facing reality , I told myself ...." I can't let this happen to me, this is not what I want myself to be & I'm gonna do whatever it takes but this time I'm doing it the right way".

I kept looking for something that will motivate me like the GYM but I'm too cheap to pay for the monthly dues .How about swimming??? Yeah ,but then I would have to hire somebody to teach me coz I don't know how to swim( what a shame for a girl who was born in a country surrounded by oceans & seas and I wont be caught dead wearing swim suit w/ my gutt hanging out ).
I thought about getting an exercise bike after seeing it on FitTV & heard that you can burn enough calorie if you do it 30 mins to an hour. I thought "that's great , I can get on the bike & pedal away while watching my favorite show". Anything that can help me get in shape w/o having to drag my 2 kids or pay for a babysitter. The bike isn't cheap either but I figure it's a great investment . I made a deal w/ my husband that I will start using my work out DVD again everyday if he gets me the bike . I kept my end of the bargain & so tomorrow I'm getting my new exercise bike .

I am spending my money on this baby instead of new clothes & shoes so I'd better stick w/ it.

I highly recommend this work out dvd if you wanna tone your abs & thighs. The Accelerated Body Sculpting work out & the Pilates Fat Burning for cardio are what I use & it's guaranteed result if you do it regularly & w/ healthy diet.

~~Beauty Tips~~

I have discovered an amazing product that gave my skin great result.It's a little pricey but hey, it's totally worth it. After using this stuff , I didn't even need to wear foundation any more. Just a light press powder & I'm good to go. Skin is soft,supple,evenly toned & it almost feels like your skin was literally renewed. Once you tried them you will never go back to your old cream.

These 2 I use in the morning

And these 2 at night. Just make sure that you wash your face before applying this cream.


My Little Angels

Buckle Up!!

He's Belting Out A Song.

Have a great weekend to everyone.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A Survey

Tell Everyone About Yourself
Time started::5:00 pm
Basic About you:
Name::Just Mel
Height::tall enough
Eye color::Dark Brown
Hair Color::Dark brown
Age::Old enough
Birthday::Sometime in May
Tatoos::thinkin about it
Zodiac Sign::gemini
Ring Size::the size of my husband's thumb
Grade::highly lols
More about you:
Are you named after anyone?:No , but my gradpa gave me my name
Do you live in the moment?:definitely
Do you consider yourself tolerent to others?:yeah I guess so
Do you have any secrets?:hhmmm,.....some
Do you hate yourself?:when I get too nervous & acting like a kid
Do you like your handwriting?:yeah, I try to write nice
Do you have any bad habits?:not sure
If you were another person, would you be friends with you?:hahhaaa....no
Any regrets?:none that I could think of right now but I'm sure there's some.
Do you think life has been good so far?:yes
Are you confident?:not 100%
How long does it take you to shower?:5 min minimum
What color is your room?:beige
Where do you want to attend college?:Western Culinary Institure or OHSU
Do you...?
Smoke?:5 years ago
Do drugs?:NEVER
Drink?:yeah, on occasion
Go to church?:not in a while :(
Sleep with stuffed animals?:my honey is my big teddy bear
Take walks in the rain?:In Oregon yeah.
Talk to people even if you hate them?:Yeah but I can't hide my true feelings
Believe in premarital sex?:Nope
Want to get married?:already did
Want to go to college?:yes
Want to have children?:already have kids & I'm so done
Sing in the shower?:yupp
Get along with you parents?:yupp
Get along with your sibling/s?:yupp
Color/highlight your hair?:yes,
Like coffee?:a lot
Wear makeup everytime you go out?:yes, ven when I'm not going out. I like looking nice
Love roller coasters?:yes
Like to cook?:very much
Have you ever...?
Hurt yourself? :many times
Been out of the country?:a few times
Been in love?:everyday
Done drugs?:never ever
Gone skinny dipping?:I wish!!!
Had surgery?:2x , C section
Played strip poker?:not yet
Been on stage?:many times
Pulled an all nighter?:not yet
Gone one day without food?:are you talking about suicide :)
Slept all day?:I wish
Kissed a stranger?:hhmmm does kiss on the cheek counts?
Had a dream that came true?:yeah, a few
Broken the law?:caught shop lifting when I was 13 :)
Stolen anything?:nope
Been on radio/tv?:yeah
Been in a mosh-pit?:nope
Bungee jumped?:not yet but I will definitely try someday
Had a dream that kept coming back?:yeah
Gone out of state?:yeah , love road trips
Live in other states?:yeah , NY
Eaten an entire box of oreos?:nope
Had a movie marathon?:yup . That' what we like to do on a weekend
Spun until you were immensely dizzy?:when I was a kid I did that
Been on a plane?:a lot of times
Ran into a wall?:nope
Been rejected by a crush?:yeah, but only because I was only 10 that time
Cried in public?:yes, I'm such a cry baby :)
Cried over a movie?:you bet
Pranked called someone?:nope, my husband tricked me one time coz he's very good in copying foreign accent.
Gotten a cavity?:yeah ( blush)
Shopped at Abercrombie and Fitch?:nope, but I did went there just to look around
Broken a bone?:no
Fallen from a tree?:no, but I did fell off a moving car
Passed out?:yeah , the millenium party
Been to a theme park?:yeah
Eaten sushi?:I devour them
This or That
Pepsi or Coke::Coke diet
McDonalds or BUrger King::BK
Chocolate or Vanilla::Chocolate
Black or White::Both
Burgers or Hot dogs::Burgers
Boxers or breifs::boxers
Book or magazine::both
TV or radio::TV. Oregon has shitty FM radio
is the glass half empty or half full::half full...always
sun or moon::both
hot or cold::cold
romantic comedy or thriller::Both
waffles or pancakes::Both
Florida or california::Never been to either one
Black and white or color photos::both
The city, the beach, OR the country::all of them
Tennis shoes or sandals::Sandals
Sweet or sour::sweet
Private or publie school::Private
Cappuccino or coffee::coffee
English or history::history
Science or math::math
Do you believe ...?
in miracles?:Yes
in magic?:yes
in God?:of course
in Satan?:yeah
in ghosts?:yeah
in luck?:yes
in love at first sight?:yes
in Santa?:yes
in the Easter Bunny?:not sure
in witches?:yes, there are some in my family
that it's possible to remain faithful forever?:yes most definitely
in wishing on shooting stars?:yup
that cussing is a necessity in life?:yes, it spice it up a bit
yourself?:yes I do
Love and all that -
Do you consider love a mistake?:No
If someone you had no interest in had interest in dating you how would you:I wont give him falls hope
Do you prefer knowing someone before dating them?:yes
What is worst about the opposite sex?:It's hard for them to understand us female
Who and when was your first crush?:Ralph Machio "the karate Kid"
First thing you notice about the opposite sex?:eyes, the windows to their soul
Right this moment...
What are you wearing?:my wrinkle free black buttton up shirt
What are you worried about?:life in general....and my wieght
What book are you reading?:none for now
What time is it?:It's 5:45pm
Are you bored?:yeah sometimes
Are you tired?:most of the time
Are you talking to anyone online or on the phone?:my husband. we talk all the time on YM or email or phone
Are you lonely or content?:I'm content
Are you listening to music, if so then what?:I'm listening to my kids screaming in the next room
The Last...
Dream you had::can't remember my dream usually
Nightmare::can't remember too
Time you cried::The other day.
Movie you watched::I saw Ocean's 11 for the umph x the other day
Movie you rented::never rent
Book you read::Kids book for my daughter
Word you said::a lot...
Time you laughed::last second ago.
Person to call you::My husband , mother-in-law
CD you played::The Frays
Song you listened to::Listen by Beyonce
annoyance::kids hihiiii but I love them to death
IM sent or recieved::from my husband
Time you yelled::10 mins ago
Person you yelled at::my kids
time you were a skirt::centuries ago. I never wear skirt
time you fought with your parents::when I was 12-14
Time you wished on a shooting star::just recently
Thing you ate::rice & chicken teriyaki
Time you showered::3 hours ago
Nail polish color worn::Red by Revlon
Your favorite:
Type of gum::trident
Restaurant::Charter Restaurant, Portland
Season::all four
Type of weather::early summer
Emotion::I am very emotional
Color::Black,Red,Navy Blue
Perfume::Happy Clinique
Candy::Almond Roca
Pizza topping::Pineapple pepperoni
Veggie::all of them
Type of cake::Black Forest cake
Magazine::Any fashion & fitness mag
TV Show::House MD,Law & Order SVU & CI
Day of the week::Saturday
Month::May & December
Sport to watch::Baseball,Basketball
Flower::Rose & white lily
Time Finished::5:58pm
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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Northwest Summer

“It is the month of June,The month of leaves and roses,When pleasant sights salute the eyes,And pleasant scents the noses.” ~Nathaniel Parker Willis

.......actually we are half-way thru June . Kids are on vacation now & I'm left w/ the wonder of how am I gonna keep them busy. I thought of taking them to the district recreational pool center & let them waddle in the water till they turn like prune. It's indoor ,water is warm enough so you don't have to worry about catching cold,it's open till late so you can avoid the rush of people ( too many people=too many germs) & most of all it's cheap!!! Only 2$ per person if you belong w/ the district. How cool is that!!! Tualatin Recreational Center has everything from leisure,sports,educational ,social or even if yo just want to take a walk in the trail area.

Shopping.........who doesn't love to shop??!!! Even if I don't have the dough , I'm perfectly happy just to window shop & spot something nice & tell myself " I'm gonna get you later!" lols
Well, this month is my lucky month coz I made full use of the gift cards that I got from my birthday to the max. Macy's had a huge discount blowout sale on June 12-13 . I was one of the earliest shoppers & I thought I was early enough till I saw one lady already had both her arms full of clothes to take to the fitting room. I took my sweet time coz I know dear husband is watching the kids & I gotta make sure that I wont go home empty handed & teary eyed again.
Two hours later I got myself enough outfits to last me till next summer plus a nice little purse from DKNY for a fraction of a cost. I couldn't believe my eyes (& the cashier) , a nice paor of dress pants for $11.99 & a beautiful scooped neck red blouse for $9.99 hahahhaaa..I was smiling from ear to ear. That was a very rare moment & I guess it's because I finally accepted the fact that I am no longer size 2 anymore . It made it easier for me to pick the right size of clothes & the right style. But don't get me wrong...accepting doesn't mean I am surrendering.
The battle of the bulge isn't over yet. But in the mean time , I'll try to enjoy my new sets of outfit :)


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