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Friday, September 14, 2007

Friday Night Sports

"We lucked out. That eighth inning was incredible. The only thing predictable in this ballpark is the unpredictable." -- Yankees manager Joe Torre

One of the best quotes ever!!

What an exciting game.For all the Yankees fan it was an awesome game when the yanks rallied on the 8th inning to win the game 8-7 against their number 1 opponent ,the Boston Red Sox.

I had such mixed emotions because I watched the first 3 inning & reds were just hammering them & I couldn't take it anymore...it was just too painful to watch your favorite team getting beat so I recorded the rest of the game & proceeded to do my normal daily routine.

3 hours later I checked the DVR and the recording was incomplete!!!!! Grrrrrrr!!! It stop the recording after the 6th innings because the game lasted 4hours . Arrrggggg...anyways..the most important thing is that my favorite team WON!! whoohooooo...oh yeah.

Another favorite of mine....the fabulous Tiger Woods was just doing amazingly at the Tour Championship making birdies here & there.Second round & he has already a big commanding lead . I just got to see the highlights of his shots & they were just unbelievable!! Go Tiger !

This weekend should be so much fun for all sports fan. Yankees battle against the Reds , Tiger completing his win and the Colts going against the Titans. I hope there's enough chips & salsa in the pantry.

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