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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Bitten By The Shutterbug

Xmas Eve, after the rocus and the almost-ended-up-in-the-ER incident ,we had our dinner ( instant noodle soup....my sister would not believe that we didn't have a feast just like in the Phils) .Kids went to bed quietly.I took a quick shower and got ready to watch tv before we go to bed. DH pointed a box sitting on our ottoman and he told me that "he thinks it's for me". My husband is not very good in giving surprises to this is a big deal for him. The box was not wrapped ,actually it was an old box.....but it was heavy when I lifted it....so I thought " hhmmmmm..must be a brick and he wants to play trick on me ......." Inside the box was another paper bag..a more christmassy looking box and so then I got really excited and I thought " hhhhmmmm maybe a brick wrapped inside this paperbag..."
The "brick" was wrapped with those thin colored tissue papers so I could not really make out what was inside and my brain was going " if this is really a brick I hope he could dodge fast enough coz its surely will land on his face"....
Slowly I unwrapped the thing and voila!!!......a new digital camera!!!!!
At 11:30 pm I was jumping up and down like a kid ...I was really surprised!!!
I didn't asked for anything this xmas because I figured he already spent so much money helping my family in the Philippines but he knew that I wanted a more powerful camera coz I love taking pictures. I think this is one of the best Christmas present I have ever had so far..

So what do you do with your new toy???!!!
You play with it till you learn all the tricks and make the full use of it.

I'd like to share some pictures that I took with my new cam.Pls. click on the images to make it bigger.

The picture quality was so good you can see the details of the xmas tree so clearly

Santa Said She'd Been Really Good So She Got Her Wish

Shinjo Wont Be Left Behind.He Got Some Nice Presents Too

Trigger Happy Mommy Captured Shinjo's Goofiness

He Luvs Modeling For Mommy

Practicing With The Color Effect. Shinjo In Sephia

Soo Busy With Her New Gadget She Wont Even Look At The Cam

Happy New Year Indeed To All!!!


geri said...

Mheldz, I could feel your enthusiasm all the way from Oregon. I can truly understand how you feel. Uy, thanks pala sa card. I will send you a reply thru snail mail. Hindi umabot sa Christmas yung family photo namin.

Rhebs said...

Digital camera has always been one of Pinay's dream ;-) I still recall the giddy feeling I had over 8 yrs ago when DH gave me
a 1.3 megapixel digital camera. I thought that was the coolest and the greatest toy I will ever own.

Sarah said...

Sis Happy New Yr love the photos that you took! I noticed most Pinays love to take pictures nuh. Ako rin one of my dream is to have a professional camera but its to expensive i told Abe to buy me one day (pag rich na kami hahaha). My old camera uses a film i dont have a dark room! I also love Princess new toy fave ko yan ds hehehe at ang color girl n girl.

Lanie said...

Happy New Year! ^_^ Sorry late ang pag great ko. Talagang na busy lang ng kunti. Wala kaming school ngayon, dapat back to school sila ka hapon. Pero canceled lahat sa Monday na naman. Kaya ngayon mga anak ko ang ingay talaga! Hehehe! The joy of motherhood. ~_^

Francesca said...

uy, melds, super excite din ako, when i read this post!

ala eh, photo nonstop na ang blog mo nyan!!!
congrats for having a nice family!

~Mheldz said...

I'm glad u receive it .
I love the camera..perfect for a novice like me. Like I expected, ang daming dapat pag-araln about photography and the use of camera. Grant got me an 8.1 megapixel panasonic with built in zoom and it can also take videos. Later on , kapag mahusay na ako , I wish to upgrade to my dream camera , a digital SLR ( Nikon maybe) and who knows bka doble doble na ang megapixels by then :)

Hahahah I know what u'r saying..Ang first camera ko nga na auto zoom lang with film pa ( 8 yrs ago din yata) nakuh ligayang ligaya na ako.
I love taking pictures atsaka ang mga bata is such great subject . I love capturing their innocense and pure expression.

Don't worry , madali lang d2 sa US makabili ng gamit lalo na kapag may sale.. You'll soon have ur wishes granted I'm sure.
Nakuh , yung nintendo ni Princess nakaka-addict hahahha...nagpapaturo kc sya sa aking kung paano laruin hahahhaha tapos nun ayaw ko na ibigay sa kanya,,,hirap yata labanan ung mga kalaban ni super mario hahaha

How was ur NY?? Masaya ba jan?? Kami super tahimik lang. Sa Monday pa pasok ng mga kids..Problema na naman gising ng maaga nito .

Sinabi mo pa.....photo galore talaga hihihiiii Sayang nga lang ay taba-ching-ching ako ( di kagaya mo slim na slim) kundi puro picture makikita nyo ( joke)...
Musta NY jan???