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Friday, December 28, 2007

Our Little Xmas Story

'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse;

But all of a sudden mommy heard a scream from the kids' room..
It was Princess yelling..."mommy come...help!!"
Mommy dropped the spatula she was using to mix the pumpkin puree for the pie...
She dashed to the room to see what was wrong and to her horror she saw her son's left nostril swelling like a cherry tomato...
Shinjo stuck a piece of candy to his nose!!!!
Mommy yelled for dad who was in the bedroom working on his computer.
Panic just overwhelmed my whole senses and my heart just started pounding ever so hard. Daddy held Shinjo's both hand so he wont shove the candy further inside his nose. I found my twiser and tried to pluck the candy out but it wasn't working.
By then mommy was really scared...she started imagining the worse thing that could happen to her son. Daddy yelled at mom to get the phone and call mother-in-law ( she's a former nurse ) .Mommy couldn't think straight anymore and she knew every minute pass is crucial. She so frightened that her baby might end up in the operating room and have his nose cut open so the doctor can get the candy out. So while dad was holding Shinjo's hands and talking on the phone at the same time...mommy decided to sucked Shinjo's nose...literally....with her mouth....
Mommy pressed on Shinjo's right nostril while she tried to suck on the left side where the candy were and after a couple of tries.....Shinjo's nose was free on any obstruction....even his snot was cleared...

Mommy was so relieved and happy that his son was out of danger that she held him really tight and sobbed uncontrollably.

This Candy Is Now Officially Banned In Our House

His Nose Still Slightly Red The Following Day. Thank God We Didn't Have To Spend Xmas In The Hospital


geri said...

Mheldz, I got scared by your story. I wouldn't have your quick thinking, baka talaga we weill end up in ER again. I am so glad all is well. Shinjo is such a big boy na and very good looking,

Lanie said...

Melz, medyo kaka takot talaga ang nangyayari. Ako naman nakaka rinig lang ng mga stories ng ganoon, pati yong kagat ng bees. Di ko talaga alam kung ako yong nasa lugar mo, baka sa ER din kami nakarating. Wow, very papular yong candy na yan. Basta hard candies ang mga bata hindi sila allowed kumain, kasi natatakot talaga ako. Pati pa nga sa meat, talagang himayhimayin ko yan. Si Garin bago lang ito nakakain ng whole grapes din, kasi ginawa ko talagang half pag kakain siya. Pero na dala ko si Garin din ng 2am sa emergency na untog kasi siya sa bakal ng bed, na gising kasi siya. Takot ako imitim talaga ang nuon niya. Hay, basta nanay anoh, ang dami natin inaalala. Ngayon baby pa sila, parang worried tayo parati. Sabi ng sis in law ko, hangang mag asawa na daw! Hahaha!

Pinay WAHM said...

Hi Mheldz....your Christmas story will probably be part of family history. I can only imagine the things that went inside your head while it's all happening.

I'm sure glad everything worked well. Now BREATHE...one more...BREATHE....

O tsige na. Bath time na ng little girl namin.

Take care and yes, ban those candies in your house. You know what, if toys are recalled for having small stuff in them, why don't they do the same with candies? Hmm...just something I thought about while typing here..hehe...


~Mheldz said...

It really scared the big jesus outta me.Lalo na when he breath harder and the candy got further stuck inside his nose!! Nagka tinginan na lang kami mag asawa afterwards kc we both know we should have been paying more attentions to our kids.

Bilib ako sa tyaga mo mag himay..lols...pero I do that too with Shinjo like with french fries na paborito nya , naku isubo nya yun sabay-sabay hangang sa hindi na sya maka hinga...so I make sure na maliliit lang na pieces for him.

Si princess nman one time pinaglaruan ung pang shave ko sa kili-kili (lols..tamad na mag bunit!!)..nakuh nagpretend na nag-aahit sya...buti na lang maliit lang ung cut pero ang daming blood...takot ko din!!!
Hirap maging parents talaga kailangan extra pair of eyes tsaka doble ingat palagi :)

I couldn't agree more.Dapat talaga my malaking warning sign sa packaging about age limit.Pero I partly blame myself...medyo naging pabaya w/c I'm not naman..I am usually over protective pa nga pero nakaka lusot pa din.
Sana nga wag na maulit kc baka atakihin na talga ko.

idealpinkrose said...

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Rhebs said...

Mel, for that, you deserved a "Brave and Super Mom to the Rescue" Award!!

I am glad Shinjo is ok now.

Tess said...

sus i can relate! my son before stucked a piece of crayon in his nose, of all things, pink crayon pa. We didnt know about it until he had colds, then parang iba amoy so we took him to the doctor and it was found out that something was causing the bad smell. Kakatakot talaga! I;m glad you had presence of mind, ewan ko, pag nataranta ako, di ako nakakagalaw, iyak lang ako ng iyak atg sigaw ng sigaw siguro, kailangan sampalin para magising, lol!

~Mheldz said...

Yan ang set back ng may anak...u litterally have to watch them like a hawk!!!Even if you child proof the whole haus they still manage to get themselves hurt.

Thanks..I am looking forward to our online blogging connection :)

Lols...nakakatawa kapag isipin ko ngayun ung nangyari..hahhaa..sipsip ko pati uhog nya..si grant na shock din. I freaked out din lalo na nung mukhang ayaw na lumabas nung candy... Hay buhay...buti na lang di umandar pagka nerbyosa ko :)