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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

5 Days Before Christmas

Shinjo had their xmas party at his school today and he wont see his classmates & teachers till next year, January 4th. Princess have until Friday at school and then she'll have a two-weeks long winter break.

When Do I Get A Break???
....in your dreams Mel...

I talked about ordering toys online and so I did...and guess what??
I returned most of it because I didn't like the toys when they arrived...very disappointing...so no choice but to head out to the store before it gets emptied by the eager shoppers. Whew....thank goodness we found all of the toys on our list.

We got our tree too..but not as big as last year . I think my dear husband was distracted about something because he was obviously wasn't paying enough attention when he bought it.The tree was not perfect ( according to my taste) but I didn't want to say anything. I had to re-do the decoration because the tree was leaning so much it looked like its gonna fall over my head. ...patience....patience......and with a little bit of trick the tree stood perfectly straight & still. I just love real tree...I know that with all this "environmental issues" that it's probably more ideal to mother earth to juts have a fake tree but I thought...come on....I don't pollute ( not too much) and I recycle so its not like I'm not doing anything so I think I can be forgiven for having a real fresh cut tree for xmas.

My MIL came and help put up the ornaments so it was fun. Kinda like our family tradition as well , to be together , helping each other decorate the tree and have the same holiday spirits. We also discussed about what are we gonna have for Christmas dinner and I dunno if it was clear on my face that I was a little disappointed . I explained that I just missed the holiday feast that we have in the Philippines where we have so much food and desserts for the whole family ,friends and neighbors to enjoy.

Mas masaya ang Noche Buena sa atin!!

I hope all of you guys will have a joyous Christmas and a wonderful New Year!!!

Here are some latest pics of my little kiddos.

Ang Mga Mahal Ko Sa Buhay


Lanie said...

Mel, I was here last night. Nag iwan ng message, pero hindi ko na makita? :D Thank you soo much for the Xmas card! ^_^ I appreciate it, thoughful mo talaga! I love the picture of your two cute little one. Merry Christmas to you and to your family!

~Mheldz said...

Hi Lanie,
You are very welcome.
Looks like your xmas is going to be awesome so enjoy & have lots of fun!!!!!

Happy 2008 to you and the whole family!!!!

Sarah said...

Sis agree ako sayo mas masaya Christmas sa atin kasi buo ang pamilya isama na pati ang buong barangay. I also dont like shopping online I never like it mas gusto ko nakikita ko sya at maiuuwi ko agad.

Merry Christmas

Francesca said...

ang gagandang mga bata, mana sa nanay!
oi, dont worry about not in phils during xmas season.
Day, congratulate yourself, di ka gumastos ng sangkatutak, haha.
Sister ko, a week pa palang, nasa 80,000pesos na raw nalagas, haha!