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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A Wish Come True

Sunday night , I got a text from my brother Mark. He was scheduled to leave for Abu Dabhi the next day and that his flight had been confirmed. I felt a sudden rush of emotions and couldn't help the tears.Half of me was happy and proud of him.He'd come a long way from being a hard core punk to a grown up man. The other half was sad and I couldn't explain why. I felt like he was leaving me too. What a silly thought I told myself. He's heading to world unknown to him and there'll be no parents or sisters who's gonna tell him what to do...he is on his own. He's 22 but I think of him still as my little baby brother . I couldn't thank my dear husband enough for helping Mark all the way through and even making sure that he's enough money to survive till he gets his first pay check. What a great kind soul my husband is. He'd made such big difference to peoples lives and had given my family a brighter future. If not for him my sister would have not finish college and my brother getting a job in the middle east. His next plan is to help rebuild my parents house.

It is always been my prayer ever since my younger brother started having problems at school and hanging out with some less desirable bunch of teens that he would take life seriously and think about his future....Well, that wish was finally granted and I could have not ask for anything else...now I pray that he continues his journey to a better future and don't look back . I miss him already.

My brother Mark (The guy on the right)


We still have not gotten a tree because of the rainy weather las t weekend .
This Saturday for sure ,come rain or shine , we will get our tree :)
My xmas shopping is half done. I think I bought enough for the kids. That's the
beauty of shopping here in the states, you can always return stuff so I'm not too worried about the kids presents. This Saturday I have to find presents for the adults and I know I am a little late but I already have an idea of what to get so it shouldn't be a problem.

I think this xmas will top off the previous year . There's a number of great things that happened to our family and I am so Thankful to our good Lord.

I will add more about the rest of our pre-xmas events.
ta-tah for now.

Have a good one everybody!!!


Sandy said...

Good luck to your brother, Mel. I hope he will have a successful career in Abu Dhabi (sp??). I had my christmas tree up a week ago. I wasn't planning on putting it up kasi nakakapagod mag ligpit after christmas, pero 'ala eh ayun nag decorate pa rin ako, LOL! We'll be leaving tomorrow afternoon for PDX and we'll stay in one of the motels in Wilsonville for the night. I really want to meet up with you but we'll see. We definitely need to push back home early Thursday after my biometrics kasi it's forecasted to have snow in the passes. I'll get in touch with you though about the plan.

geri said...

The best of luck to your bro Mel. One less thing to worry :)

Online shopping is really a blessing this season;

Lanie said...

good luck to your brother mel. i know how you feel, he will be ok and successful. pray lang talaga. ganoon din ako noong first time umalis ang younger brother ko for europe. ngayon nakaka baba na siya for the 4th time. ^_^

anyway, thank you so much for the xmas card! it means a lot to me, ako naman ang walang card ngayon. kaya dito na lang ako mag babati ng merry christmas sa inyo. Have a blessful holidays din. ~_^

Francesca said...

OY,masaya nga, abroad na si little brother. Kaya niya yan, he just keep in touch.
All the best for him and to your family. Hope the weather gets better....

Anonymous said...

Mel, thank you so much for the beautiful Christmas greetings!! Your kids are lovely!

Anonymous said...

That's me, Rhebs